Rant on Flash, HTML5 and Uncle Steve

What I don’t get is this visceral hatred towards flash, I know it allows bad design, but so does jQuery, CSS3 and dear Photoshop. jQuery using more battery than flash for the same task.

Don’t get me wrong, I think JQuery, MooTools and others similar are one of the best things to happen to the internet, but, just as flash, it’s not the panacea.

People seem to forget that the main attribute to flash is not animation, it’s the ease for making things work across platforms. Plugin architecture is far from ideal, but clearly it has worked far better than asking Software Companies to stick to a spec. 3 specs if you want to do what flash does.

If Steve Jobs claims sloppy coding on behalf of Adobe, but one can say the same about how Apple works with hardware.

Flash has huge improvement to do efficiency wise, still needs ways to handle crashing and resource utilisation. Flash Player 10.1 addresses this quite decently. Still I was hoping that with SC5 they would work on something better.

This is far from over, and I think this could lead to mayor mayor changes like the settlement of HTML5 as a real, stable, adopted spec. Or huge improvement on the flash platform and the fulfilment of the Open Screen Project (which, as a developer, am a bit ambivalent on).

The huge problem I have with JavaScript is performance (even on Chrome), compared with ActionScript 3, which is absurdly fast considering it is an interpreted language.

That would be the rant I had been choking on for a few weeks.

Let the wrath of the Open Source righteous rain on me.
I might soon elaborate on this a bit…

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